The Kissing Hand Linky Party

I LOVE reading The Kissing Hand the first day of school and the kids enjoy doing activities throughout the week. So..... I am hosting my first ever Linky Party. I would love to see what great Kissing Hand activities/crafts you do in your classroom. If you don't use The Kissing Hand, what is your favorite book to use at the beginning of the year is.


  1. I did this activity a couple years ago, so I hope I'm remembering right...

    We read the book (little tears in the 1st grader's eyes and mine) and then the children traced their hands on a piece of colorful construction paper.

    They drew or wrote on one hand how they felt before coming to school (scared, nervous, excited) and why. On the other hand, they wrote what their favorite part of their 1st day was. On each hand I put a little heart cut-out (their kiss). It made an amazing bulletin board, especially with open house around the corner. I almost had to put a tissue box out in the hallway! Wonderful book...
    Follow me, I'm new! :)

    I had them

  2. My other favorite book to use is "First Day Jitters."

  3. Thank you for sharing Mrs. Luna! I visited your bllog but could not find where to follow. Maybe I missed it. I will check again.

  4. Good idea for a link up! I will most definitely blog it tomorrow (although I don't think I have pictures, boo!)

    Having Fun K-1


  5. I missed up...I hopped over from Teaching Blog Addict. I have a Kissing Hand Scavenger Hunt using QR codes that I use....the kids love it!!

    Carrie :)
    The First Grade Derby