Dual Language Classroom Environment

Here a few pictures of my dual language classroom last year.  These were taken in March. It was my first year in Dual Language and what a learning experience it was.  It takes alot of hard work but when you see what it does for your students it is all worth it.

AMIGO Binder

I just finished my daily take home binder!! It took me many hours to decide on a name and create the cover but her it is. I wanted something that would go with the Dual Language blue and red. I love it!

Click on the preview below to get to it on my TPT store. The file includes the cover, the spine labels, and a coordinating page to use for whatever you'd like.  The best part is that the cover and spine labels are EDITABLE. You can update with your info and students' names and then just print.
 AMIGO Binder on TPT

El amor está en el aire

February has been busy busy!! Here is our Valentine Board.  I meant to add clouds with their writing and bordette but Valentine's Day seem to have come in a blink of an eye this year.  I still think it's cute though. :o)

Valentine Music

I was so excited to stumble upon this site called Music with Sara.  We learn Social Studies in spanish so I was in desperate search of a cute Valentine's Day song in spanish and I found the super cute one you see below. (It's actually in both English and Spanish)

Click on the picture to go to musicwithsara.com. There are more great songs in spanish.
The video below is another great Valentine's Day song. It is in English and can be used when the Language of the Day is English. 

I'mm Baaack!

I'm not sure if anyone still even reads or follows my blog but I'm back. I went MIA for a while and let me show you why. It's all their fault!! :o) 

Some of you may remember that  I was blessed with my baby boy two years ago. Well, much to our surprise........6 months later we found out we were expecting again!!!!!  Here they are my two boys who I love more than I could have ever imagined!! So basically I've been off having two babies in two school years!!!! Now finally at almost one my little one is starting to ALMOST sleep through the night and I am therefore starting to see the light and am slowly starting to get back to doing some of the things that I used to love to do.  
So much has happened in my classroom. To begin, (don't remember if I mentioned it) I applied and got chosen as one of the first Digital Classrooms in my district and now, my classroom is a Dual Language Classroom (hence the name change).  Lots of exciting changes that I can't wait to share with everyone.

Behavior Hero of the Week

This year I am doing a Super Hero theme in my classroom. I wanted to share what I'm doing for behavior.  I loved the idea from A Teeny Tiny Teacher so I decided to try it this year instead of the clip chart.  We call the yellow strip "Super Power Bars," and the kids love it.  The Kinder Eagle with the most Power Bars on Friday gets to wear our SH (Sam Houston), a super hero cape, and a super hero belt.  They are named our Behavior Hero of  the Week.  It so cute to see them walk around the halls with their cape on.  They get the instant proud Super Hero Chest.  Here are a few pics.

This is where we keep our Super Power.  Every student has a number in class.  I like using the number for behavior because it keeps it confidential in the sense that visitors can't see which envelope belongs to which student.  

The envelopes are attached to the bulletin with velcro so that they can be taken to their seats on Fridays. As A Teeny Tiny Teacher says this is also great for teaching how to count tally marks!!

Here is the first Behavior Hero we had.  He is pictured on the right with our Principal.  I made a child sized shirt to match our staff shirt. It's the only child one that exists right now so the kids really take pride in wearing it.  :o)

I'm Addicted to Apples

I loved the way my first apple cam out so I decided to make some for my fellow Kinder teachers. Here is the second one I made.

My New Classroom Door Decoration

So I feel like I've been living under a rock because I only recently discovered these cute burlap apples on Pinterest.  I was blog stalking and found great picture instructions at Rowdy in Room 300. Here is my creation.  I'm already working on my second one.  The possibilities are endless! :o)

What have I been up to this summer?

Vicky at Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After is having a "What have I been up to all summer" Linky party.  Head on over and link up.

This is what I've been up to!!! This is my first summer as a mommy and boy has it been a learning experience.  I never new having a baby was so much work but I am loving every second of it. Those 21 Kindergarteners have nothing on 1 six month old. lol 

Pin the Worm on the Apple

Every student gets a STAR Book number that gets assigned to them the first week of school. I thought this would be cute to introduce my students to their number.  I'm thinking of scanning the worm so that I can create enough for each student and make them a little smaller. I could also use it  the students' day check in.  I can laminate it, and with velcro the students can put place their caterpillar every morning as they arrive to class. The best part is that it was only 88 cents at Walmart!

Attempting an Update

I'm attempting to give my blog an updated look this weekend.  Please forgive me for the look of the blog for the next couple of days. I hope I didn't start something I won't be able to finish :o)

Reduce REUSE Recycle

I'm a new mommy with a very hungry baby:0). I have quite a bit of formula containers and decided to find a way to reuse them in my classroom. Here's my first one. I busted out the trusty Mod Podge and turned the first one into a place to store markers. Oh the endless possibilities :0)

Another wonderful find!!!

Look what I found at Wal-Mart. Dr. Seuss socks for $1.47. It doesn't get much better than this. :0) Of course I got one of every different design. The kids get a kick out of printed socks.

Cute Dollar Tree Finds!

I made a stop at The Dollar Tree and found these. The bags will be great for any teacher gift thought the year. The pencil flags I thought were really cute to put in my treasure chest. Finally, the pocket cards will be great to use for my classroom jobs. I was planning to do a construction theme so they are perfect. All for just $1.00 each!

2012 Fascination Awards

This little blog has been nomintaed for the the 2012 Most Fascinating Blog Award.   I will post the link Monday morning when voting starts.   I would truly appreciate your vote.

Glogging and Blogging

Hello everyone! The school year is over and I have the summer to enjoy my 4 month old.  I also have some time to blog blog blog. Yay! This summer I'm working on finding new ways to integrate technology into my classroom.  Glogster will be one way that I will be doing this.  Its a great tool for creating digital poster that can be used in countless ways.  I created one on the life cycle of a butterfly. I loved that I can put all my resources together on one "poster." This will work great for planning.  Here is my Glog.