Behavior Hero of the Week

This year I am doing a Super Hero theme in my classroom. I wanted to share what I'm doing for behavior.  I loved the idea from A Teeny Tiny Teacher so I decided to try it this year instead of the clip chart.  We call the yellow strip "Super Power Bars," and the kids love it.  The Kinder Eagle with the most Power Bars on Friday gets to wear our SH (Sam Houston), a super hero cape, and a super hero belt.  They are named our Behavior Hero of  the Week.  It so cute to see them walk around the halls with their cape on.  They get the instant proud Super Hero Chest.  Here are a few pics.

This is where we keep our Super Power.  Every student has a number in class.  I like using the number for behavior because it keeps it confidential in the sense that visitors can't see which envelope belongs to which student.  

The envelopes are attached to the bulletin with velcro so that they can be taken to their seats on Fridays. As A Teeny Tiny Teacher says this is also great for teaching how to count tally marks!!

Here is the first Behavior Hero we had.  He is pictured on the right with our Principal.  I made a child sized shirt to match our staff shirt. It's the only child one that exists right now so the kids really take pride in wearing it.  :o)

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