Here are a few pictures of the organizational binder we use in Kinder. Almost all of the grade levels at my school use them.  They are a really great tool.


Table of Contents
Money Bag where all money is put that needs to be turned in or returned. Parent's know it is the only place that we will look for money.

ABC's of Kindergarten. This section has very important information for parents.  I got this from It is in a word file and you can easily customize it as needed.

Kinder Schedule (Last year)

New Behavior Chart and Parent Teacher Communication

The notebook paper for Parent/Teacher Communication and Daily Practice I also got this from I just added the pictures for each letter.

Daily Practice(cont'd)
Daily Practice (cont'd) and Homework Pocket Divider.

Work to Keep at Home

Thats most of it I won't have the other sections complete until we meet as a Kinder Team.  On the spine of the binder is each student's name and STAR BOOK number. STAR BOOKS go and come everyday between school and home.  This is my third year using STAR BOOKS and I would never go back to not using them! has tons of acronyms that can be used for Organizational Binders.


  1. I'm new to this whole blogging thing also. I use MOOSE binders in my Pre-K classroom but I call them their TIGER (Today I've Got Everything Together) binder. My class is called the Thomas' Tigers. I like the Daily Practice section of your binder. Going to add that this year. Thanks for the idea. When you get a chance, visit my blog
    Happy blogging!

  2. I think its awesome you do this in Pre-K. I taught PK for 4 years before Kinder. At my district however PK is half day and I didn't dare take on 45-50 binders. I will surely visit your blog and thanks for visiting mine!