Crafty Sunday

I got the idea from a door hanger I saw at Hobby Lobby. I made my own version though. I bought a plain wooden plaque painted it read. I used Mod Podge to cover it with Scrapbook paper. The cork came in a pack. The letters are clasps and the buttons have thumb tacks hot glued to the back. It was actually very easy and inexpensive. :o)

This is my Fire Drill clip board. I figured since we have to carry a roster with us during fire drills, I may as well have a cute clipboard to do so. :o) I painted it black and the rest is paper attached with Mod Posge and 1.99 stickers.

Here is the front. It's still drying. I didn't worry to much about the precision of the yellow paper because it will be covered with the roster. The fire engine was 67 cents.

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